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Australian University Newspapers Back In Fashion

Student newspapers can make a difference, created by students and read by students it helps keep everyone in the know about what is happening around campus. When it comes to Australian university newspapers nothing beats spending an afternoon with a cold beer on the lawn reading about campus life in print.

Relevant And Raw News When You Need It
Keeping the vision of university newspapers alive and kicking is of the utmost importance, students are the voice of the next generation and keeping tuned in and turned on, helps everybody stay in touch with student life. University newspapers are created with students in mind, all the information, features and articles you find packed into these black and white pages are aimed to keep you fully up to date with what’s going on around you. As opposed to big media papers, student papers are relevant, raw and devoid of administrative policies and politics. This means you get completely useful information that you can use to your benefit. Whether you are looking for housing, local events, or wanting to connect with other like-minded students – it can all be done through the medium of an Australian student University newspaper.

Get In Touch With Your Environment
In the age of information we are all looking for that quick fix, which is why we spend hours trawling through the news feeds on Facebook and twitter. Reviving life into student newspapers means that you can get all the info you are searching for – without suffering endless photos of someone’s cat dressed in a funny hat.

Get ready to get in touch with the environment around you and see what your fellow students are up. Get ready to make the most of university life and start enjoying campus to the max – get ready for Australian university newspapers that make a difference.